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Some people work hard to get the body they want. Sometimes, no matter how diligently we adhere to a healthy diet and exercise routine, some stubborn areas of fat remain. Many people consider procedures such as liposuction to eliminate those problem areas of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, but surgery often involves incisions, anesthesia, and a bit of a recovery period. Now, there’s a “cooler” solution to fat reduction that’s completely non-invasive with no downtime, surgery, or need for anesthesia. CoolSculpting® is the FDA-approved treatment that is literally the “coolest” way to remove troublesome bulges from the abdomen, flanks, muffin top, love handles, back, thighs, arms, and chin. Using cooling technology, CoolSculpting® can freeze the fat cells and naturally eliminate them from the body without damaging nearby vital tissues—all in less time than one visit to the gym.

How is The Aesthetic Center of Connecticut different from other CoolSculpting® providers?

  • Based on our years of experience and number of patients treated, we have been distinguished as a Preferred Crystal CoolSculpting® facility by Allergan, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting®. We are one of the leading CoolSculpting® providers in the Northeast.
  • Body contouring is about shape, and plastic surgeons are the physicians who are most experienced and qualified in this area. Dr. O’Connell has over 35 years of hands-on experience in body contouring. That’s why he is personally involved in the evaluation and treatment of each and every CoolSculpting® patient at The Aesthetic Center. At The Aesthetic Center, there are no sales personnel or “technicians.”
  • We offer CoolSculpting® Plus with the Zimmer ZWave machine at no additional charge.
  • We also offer the new CoolAdvantage™ applicators for the abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs that cuts treatment time nearly in half with improved results and greater patient comfort.
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Who Can Benefit From CoolSculpting®

Those With Unwanted Fat

CoolSculpting®, the most popular non-invasive body contouring procedure in the U.S., is best for problem areas of stubborn, excess fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Patients with troublesome fat in the abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, inner knees, under-chin, and arms can benefit from CoolSculpting®.

Healthy Individuals

Although CoolSculpting® is a fat-reduction procedure, it’s best if patients are at or near their ideal body weight. CoolSculpting® should not be considered a weight-loss solution but rather a technique to remove those troublesome bulges caused by fatty deposits. Patients should be willing to maintain their results with a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Recovery

    There is minimal downtime with CoolSculpting®. Patients can drive themselves home immediately following the procedure, resume normal activities that day, and return to exercise the next day. There may be some swelling and soreness in the treated area.

  • Scars

    CoolSculpting® does not require any needles, scalpels, or anesthesia; therefore, patients will not have any scarring.

  • Cost

    Dr. O’Connell will discuss the cost of your procedure during a consultation. At The Aesthetic Center, there is no added charge for CoolSculpting® Plus with the Zimmer ZWave.

  • Discomfort

    CoolSculpting® treatments are quite comfortable. Depending upon which applicator is used, patients will feel a slight suction sensation followed by a gentle numbness as the cooling process proceeds. After treatment, some patients may feel slight tingling in the area for a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a CoolSculpting® treatment take?

    CoolSculpting® usually takes 35 minutes. Because of this, you may want to bring a good book, your cell phone, or your laptop. At The Aesthetic Center, complimentary wi-fi is offered.

  • Are there any complications associated with CoolSculpting®?

    CoolSculpting® has an extremely low risk of complications; some temporary side effects can occur, such as swelling, bruising, or transient neuralgia (sensory change).

  • How long does it take until I can see my CoolSculpting® results?

    Typically, most patients see a noticeable reduction in fat and improvement of body contour within three weeks. Full results will take about three months, as the body’s metabolism needs time to eliminate the fat cells from the body.

  • Are my results permanent after CoolSculpting®?

    Once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot grow back; however, weight gain can prompt the remaining fat cells to enlarge or cause you to gain weight elsewhere.

  • How do I prepare for my CoolSculpting® treatment?

    There is no preparation needed for CoolSculpting®. If possible, patients should avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and certain vitamins and supplements.

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