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As a result of the aging process we slowly lose volume, and wrinkles, creases and changes in contour emerge.

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Sometimes weight loss, illness or injury can result in deflation and contour deformities. These changes aren’t just limited to our face but can affect many body areas including the breasts, buttocks and genital area.

Fat transfers utilize your own fat cells to replace this volume loss and create a fuller, healthier, more robust appearance to the area being treated. Fat transfers can enhance and define facial features and also improve the appearance of body areas where added volume is desired. It’s all natural, it’s long lasting and there’s almost no chance of an allergic reaction.

Today, fat grafting is not just about adding volume but rather it’s a gateway into the rapidly developing world of regenerative medicine. Fat cells can be used to improve those difficult to treat dark circles located below the eyes, pigmentation of the face, skin changes in the hands and decollete and also to improve the appearance of scars.

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