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Forget those frustrating creams; toss out that old prescription - Forever Clear BBL is the cutting-edge acne treatment from industry leader Sciton that uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne. At Total Aesthetics in Westport Forever Clear BBL can make drugs and over-the-counter remedies for acne a thing of the past.

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What is BBL?

BroadBand Light (BBL) is the world’s most powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device.

BBL sets new standards in the treatment of skin conditions associated with acne, aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage.

With BBL, light energy is delivered deep into the skin to stimulate cell regeneration and dermal renewal. The result is clear, healthy, radiant skin - and it’s all done non-invasively without lightening creams, antibiotics or other medications.

What is Forever Clear BBL?

Recently, Sciton has developed a proprietary treatment based upon their BBL technology to treat acne – Forever Clear BBL.

Forever Clear BBL targets the bacteria that cause acne at their source.

It’s all non-invasive, and antibiotics and other medications are not utilized. Because Forever Clear utilizes proven BBL technology, you receive the added benefit of smoother, healthier skin.

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Forever Clear BBL FAQs

Total Aesthetics in Westport and Fairfield County

  • Am I a candidate for Forever Clear BBL?
  • What makes Forever Clear BBL unique?
  • What areas can be treated?
  • How long does the Forever Clear BBL treatment take?
  • Does Forever Clear BBL treatment hurt?
  • How many Forever Clear BBL treatments will I need?
  • What should I expect following Forever Clear BBL treatment?
  • What is the Forever Clear BBL recovery time?

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Am I a candidate for Forever Clear BBL?

Forever Clear BBL can be the right treatment for anyone with active acne, regardless of age or gender. Schedule a Westport Forever Clear BBL consultation with Total Aesthetics to see if it's right for you.

What makes Forever Clear BBL unique?

Forever Clear BBL is a safe, fast, comfortable, and, above all, effective treatment for acne. It’s “holistic,” non-invasive and no medications or topical creams are used. Forever Clear BBL treats acne at its source, deep within the skin. This is a treatment that can only be delivered by our trained professional staff.

What areas can be treated?

The most common treatment areas include locations where acne most frequently occurs, such as the face, neck and back. Almost any area of your body can be treated. A personal consultation and skin evaluation is the first step toward determining what Forever Clear BBL can do for you.

How long does the Forever Clear BBL treatment take?

Depending upon the area being treated, Forever Clear BBL can be performed in as few as 15 minutes. Treatment time and frequency will vary from patient to patient, with the condition and aesthetic goals serving as a guideline.

Does Forever Clear BBL treatment hurt?

There's no need for topical anesthetics, though it can be provided when called for. Forever Clear BBL is a non-invasive treatment which is safe and gentle.

How many Forever Clear BBL treatments will I need?

You may see improvement after just one treatment. Just as each patient’s circumstances and goals are unique, the total number of treatments will vary. During your Forever Clear BBL Westport consultation we will create an aesthetic plan for you to lay out the necessary steps to achieve your aesthetic goals.

What should I expect following Forever Clear BBL treatment?

It is common to experience some redness after the treatment, which should dissipate within a few hours at most. Patients report that BBL-treated skin looks clearer and their pores are smaller and less noticeable after just one treatment. After treatment, avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen while your skin recovers fully.

What is the Forever Clear BBL recovery time?

There is typically no significant downtime after Forever Clear BBL. Our patients report that they are able to immediately resume normal activities and even make-up without any issues.

Ideal Forever Clear BBL CandidatesAt Total Aesthetics, we specialize in non-invasive aesthetic rejuvenation.

If you have light or fair skin, you are a potential candidate for this photodynamic therapy. Let Dr. O’Connell know if you have had a history of skin infections or cold sores as well as any allergies, including allergies to topical anesthetics and other photosensitizers.

With over 40 years of experience in the cosmetic field our experts know what works, and have chosen Forever Clear BBL as the safest and one of the most effective treatments for acne – and BBL also treats longstanding acne scars as well!

Benefits of Forever Clear BBL:

  • FEWER TREATMENTS (usually 5-6 treatments)

The first step towards a new, beautiful you is to schedule a personal consultation.

Along with providing the highest level of care, no effort is spared to create an environment where each patient is nurtured and cared for as an individual. Use our form to contact Dr. O’Connell with questions about any of our aesthetic or plastic surgery procedures.

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