Earlobe Repairin Westport, CT

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Over time ear piercings can stretch and even pull through the bottom of the earlobe. The result is a low, downward pointing earring or the need to wear those dreaded “clip-ons.”

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Earlobe repair is a simple in-office procedure performed at Total Aesthetics under local anesthesia. The repair takes about 20 minutes per side and downtime is minimal.

Very fine sutures are placed and removed in about one week. After about two months we’ll re-pierce your ears at no charge. We’ll even give you a prescription requiring your husband to buy you an expensive new pair of diamond studs!

Sometimes just one earlobe needs repair and the typical cost of earlobe repair is about $1500 for both sides. Our full-time insurance coordinator is happy to work with your insurance plan to obtain all reimbursement that you are legally entitled to, however, Westport earlobe repair patients typically find they are not covered through their insurance.

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