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Scarless Breast Lift – ThermiBreast

For many women the relaxation and sagging that can follow pregnancy, weight loss or simply the aging process, can lead to a desire for higher, firmer, more shapely breasts. The visible scars around the nipple and on the inferior pole of the breasts make some women hesitant to undergo traditional breast lifting procedures. Now there is a minimally invasive alternative that can lift your breasts without surgery – and its called ThermiBreast. There are no stitches or visible scars, and patients return home immediately following the procedure.

What is ThermiBreast?

ThermiBreast is a new application for ThermiTight® technology from Thermi™. A radiofrequency probe is inserted under the skin of the breast, with just a few small needle holes, and the tissue is gently heated. This causes the skin and underlying tissues to contract and tighten, just as in a surgical mastopexy. As the collagen remodels over the next several months, the nipple position can be lifted by 1-2 inches on each breast. Stretch marks, elasticity and overall skin quality can also improve. Dr. O’Connell was an early adapter of ThermiTight® and was one of the first plastic surgeons in Connecticut to use this technology.

ThermiBreast Candidates

It’s important to understand that ThermiBreast is not an appropriate alternative to breast lift surgery for all patients. It’s best for women with mild to moderate drooping or “ptosis”. Like all aesthetic procedures, the results are not permanent but they should last several years and ThermiBreast can be repeated as needed.

The best candidates for ThermiBreast are:

  • Women with relatively small breasts with mild to moderate sagging (ptosis) who need only a small amount of lift and/or nipple elevation.
  • Women who do not desire added volume to their breasts
  • Women who have not had or do not currently have breast implants
  • Women who wish to avoid scarring on the breast or wish to avoid a traditional breast lift
  • Women who are in good general health
  • Women who do not have a history of breast cancer or prior breast radiation

ThermiBreast Anesthesia

ThermiBreast is performed under local anesthesia. The procedure usually takes about one hour. Because we’re a nationally accredited surgicenter, sedation can be arranged, but is usually not necessary.

What is the ThermiBreast Recovery?

Some swelling, bruising and mild discomfort can occur but most patients can return to work the following day. Exercise is allowed in just a few days.

What is the ThermiBreast cost?

ThermiBreast costs are approximately 50% of the cost of a traditional breast lift. It is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.