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PRP for Facial Aging

Its healing properties are legendary and it’s one of the most exciting new developments in aesthetic medicine - Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Safely and easily obtained from your own blood, then processed in an entirely closed system, the platelets are concentrated and their growth factors are utilized to enhance the healing process and, most importantly, build collagen. The potential applications for this natural type of collagen induction therapy are near limitless.

At Total Aesthetics ™, we're at the forefront of other cutting-edge roles for PRP, including PRP Breast Enhancement (also known as PRP breast augmentation and PRP breast lift) and the use of PRP for enhancement of sexual function. We’re pleased to offer PRP as a stand-alone treatment for facial aging and also to enhance the results of laser skin rejuvenation – including our own unique PRP LaserPeel. (We also use Platelet-Rich Plasma for stimulation of hair growth.)

Why Should I Choose Total Aesthetics ™ for PRP Treatments?

  • Total Aesthetics ™ is a nationally accredited surgical facility that maintains the highest levels of safety and sterility.
  • Each patient’s facial aesthetics are carefully evaluated and a customized treatment plan is formulated utilizing the latest technology and techniques.
  • Total Aesthetics ™ was an early adapter of microneedling technology, which, along with fractional laser treatment, is sometimes combined with PRP for an enhanced result.
  • Because the number and concentration of platelets is extremely critical we use the next generation PRP - the FDA approved Selphyl® Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). Selphyl suspends the ultrapure platelets in an all-natural scaffold to produce a controlled and sustained release of platelet-derived growth factors. Because Selphyl is a closed system, sterility is maintained and no contaminants can enter the PRP.
  • Some PRP preparations that claim to have high platelet concentrations do so at the expense of inflammatory red and white blood cells that can produce the opposite of the desired effect. Preparation with Selphyl® minimizes the amount of undesired RBCs and WBCs in the PRP and its golden color has earned it the name “liquid gold.”
  • We use AccuVein® technology to minimize bruising and discomfort during the blood draw.
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How Does PRP Treat Facial Aging?

Softens and Volumizes Facial Hollows

Aging can lead to areas of volume loss through displacement and loss of natural facial fat and thinning of the skin. When injected into areas such as the tear-trough, PRP begins the repair process through the formation of collagen. Over time, the results become more noticeable as the contours are restored with softening of hollows and improvement of those annoying dark circles.

Repairs Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Scars

Fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars can permanently mar the skin and cause you to look older. As PRP is injected, activated platelets begin a repair process for the damaged skin. Over time PRP gradually softens fine lines, wrinkles and scars so that your skin appears smoother, fuller, and more even in tone. PRP is especially beneficial in treating nasolabial folds, marionette lines and the adjacent cheek.

Brightens and Smooths Complexion

Dullness and uneven texture of the skin can also be improved with PRP. As collagen is produced, a youthful fullness and glow emerges along with a brighter and smoother complexion. The results look incredibly natural, and your brighter, more youthful complexion will enhance your overall appearance.

The Advantages of Choosing PRP for Facial Aging


  • Recovery

    After your treatment, you may temporarily have a red, flushed look with occasional spotting in the treated areas. By the next day, you will likely feel ready to return to your normal life. Because PRP is made from your own cells and processed in an entirely closed system, the risk of side effects is low. Any mild swelling, redness, or bruising usually fades within a few days.

  • Scars

    PRP is extracted and injected without surgery and does not leave any scars - in fact, the injection of Platelet-Rich Plasma can be used to treat pre-existing scars.

  • Cost

    Each PRP treatment session costs less than $1,000 at Total Aesthetics ™. Dr. O’Connell will discuss the cost of your procedure with you during your consultation.

  • Discomfort

    Because we use AccuVein® technology during the blood draw, discomfort and bruising are minimized. Patients may experience slight tenderness and minor bruising, but discomfort is minimal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PRP?

    PRP stands for “Platelet-Rich Plasma” and it has been used in human medicine since the 1970s. Because PRP is an autologous substance consisting of a carefully prepared and concentrated fraction of your own blood, it is considered “safer” than dermal fillers and neurotoxins by some. The platelets in PRP contain many important growth factors that work synergistically to stimulate collagen growth, improve skin appearance and activate dormant hair follicles.

  • How is PRP different from dermal fillers?

    PRP is derived from your own blood, not from hyaluronic acid or other substances found in dermal fillers. Because Platelet-Rich Plasma works by stimulating growth of your own natural collagen, it’s different from some wrinkle fillers like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®. PRP can soften and volumize the face and also improve the tone, texture, and appearance of the overlying skin. PRP is a great choice to soften hollows and dark circles under the lower eyelids as well as for treatment of nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

  • How many PRP sessions are required?

    While it may be possible to achieve your desired results with one treatment, usually three sessions spaced four to six weeks apart are recommended for facial rejuvenation with PRP.

  • What else can PRP do?

    In addition to treating facial aging, PRP has been used to treat sports injuries and provide other functional medicinal benefits. At Total Aesthetics ™, we also use PRP for hair loss, by promoting stimulation of hair growth. The end result of these treatments is fuller, thicker hair in approximately 80 percent of patients.

  • Are there any side effects of PRP?

    Like all medical procedures, PRP treatments carry risks of side effects and complications. PRP side effects are usually limited to swelling, redness, and bruising at the harvest and treatment sites. A full discussion of the risks of PRP treatments and appropriate alternative treatments is an important part of your confidential consultation with Dr. O’Connell at Total Aesthetics ™ of Connecticut.

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