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A smooth, clear, glowing skin can enhance your appearance as well as your self-esteem. With SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion your skin is gently polished to increase its clarity and brightness and your unique skin care needs are addressed as part of your comprehensive aesthetic skin health program – all delivered in a beautiful spa-like atmosphere.

What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion gently removes the outer layers of skin along with the imperfections that accompany it.

Microdermabrasion FAQs

  • What is SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion?

    At Total Aesthetics ™, SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion from Envy Medical is an important part of our skin care armamentarium. This patented 3 IN-1 technology combines non-invasive exfoliation, extraction, and infusion to volumize the skin by 70% – all without the use of crystals. While standard microdermabrasion can be a spa treatment, SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion is a medical grade procedure that utilizes a variety of condition-specific, professional strength serums are delivered with Dermalinfusion technology. These solutions don’t just sit on top of the skin as a lotion or cream but are instead delivered directly into the skin at optimal depths to plump and volumize and also optimize hydration, tone, and texture.

  • What are the benefits of SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion?

    SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion exfoliates, volumizes and treats the skin with condition-specific serums. Volume, hydration, tone and texture are improved and healthy cell renewal is stimulated.

  • What is the microdermabrasion recovery time?

    SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion is painless and there is essentially no downtime with patients returning immediately to their routine activities.

  • Are multiple microdermabrasion treatments required?

    While you will see visible results soon after your first treatment with SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion, more visible improvements will be seen after several treatments supplemented with a patient-specific at home skin care regimen.

Our dedicated team of nurses and administrative personnel strive to make your visit an exceptional experience.

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