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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

An enlarged, feminine-appearing breast can be a source of embarrassment and emotional distress for many male adolescents and men. Today’s plastic surgical techniques are designed to improve your confidence and enhance your self-esteem with a more masculine, physically fit appearance to the chest. Dr. Joseph O’Connell has great empathy for those suffering from gynecomastia. He has been featured on the national television program, Inside Edition, performing male breast reduction with ultrasonic liposuction.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is simply enlargement of the male breast. As the breast enlarges a feminine shape can result. The condition can affect one or both breasts and can occur at nearly any stage of life.

Gynecomastia FAQs

  • What causes gynecomastia?

    There are many causes of gynecomastia and it is important to rule out serious medical conditions, medication use, and other causes prior to considering surgical correction.

  • Will I need testing?

    Dr. O’Connell works with specialists in both adolescent and adult endocrinology and he will assist in the coordination of any necessary medical evaluation.

  • How is gynecomastia treated?

    Gynecomastia may resolve on its own, particularly in adolescents. For persistent gynecomastia there are many surgical options for male breast contouring, some as simple as liposuction and others involving skin removal and nipple relocation.

  • Can gynecomastia be treated with liposuction?

    The most common technique utilized by Dr. O’Connell for treatment of gynecomastia involves removal of glandular tissue via an incision along the lower portion of the areola in conjunction with liposuction. Dr. O’Connell has utilized ultrasonic liposuction in his practice since the late 1990’s and he has performed correction of gynecomastia with ultrasonic liposuction on the television program Inside Edition.

  • What is the goal of male breast reduction?

    Our goal for surgical treatment is to relieve the condition adequately so that our patients can participate more fully in activities where embarrassment and anxiety would otherwise occur. This can include sports and social activities where certain clothing styles would ordinarily be worn or where removal of one’s shirt might occur.It’s important to note that the surgical goal may not necessarily involve removal of one’s shirt in public because skin removal, and/or more extensive scarring, can be required in some cases.

  • Will insurance cover correction of gynecomastia costs?

    Unfortunately, in most cases, insurance carriers will not provide coverage for aesthetic surgical treatment of gynecomastia. At The Aesthetic Center we will work with you to find a solution that fits within your budget and lifestyle.

  • Can gynecomastia be treated with Coolsculpting®?

    At The Aesthetic Center we have treated some cases of fatty gynecomastia with Coolsculpting® – the leading non-invasive technique of fat reduction.