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Fat Transfer

As a result of the aging process we slowly lose volume and wrinkles, creases and changes in contour emerge. Sometimes weight loss, illness or injury can result in deflation and contour deformities as well. These changes aren’t just limited to our face but can also affect many body areas including the breasts, buttocks and genital area. Fat transfers utilize your own fat cells to replace this volume loss and create a fuller, healthier, more robust appearance to the area being treated. Fat transfers can enhance and define facial features and also improve the appearance of body areas where added volume is desired. It’s all natural, it’s long lasting and there’s almost no chance of an allergic reaction.

Today, fat grafting is not just about adding volume but rather it’s a gateway into the rapidly developing world of regenerative medicine. Fat can be used to improve those difficult to treat dark circles located below the eyes, pigmentation of the face, skin changes in the hands and declotee and also to improve the appearance of scars.

A fat transfer, also known as an autologous fat transfer, or fat graft, uses your own fat as a living graft by literally relocating it from one part of the body to another. In all cases, the fat is gently harvested using the techniques of liposuction, processed and then injected into areas where added volume or other effects are desired.

The world of fat grafting has exploded and at Total Aesthetics ™, we currently offer 3 types of fat transfers, customized for each patient, depending upon the aesthetic goals at hand.

Macrofat – larger fat particles harvested and sometimes injected with larger size cannulas. Macrofat is commonly used in structural roles where more significant volumization is needed, and the term “lipostructure” has been applied. Examples of macrofat grafting would be in breast augmentation/reconstruction and in the correction of contour deformities throughout the body.

Microfat – very small fat particles, harvested with special small cannulas and injected with small injection microcannulas. Microfat is commonly placed in the face to fill wrinkles and depressions including the nasolabial folds, cheeks, upper eyelid area and lips. Microfat is commonly utilized during facelift surgery.

Nanofat – highly processed, almost liquid fat that contains very few adipocytes but many stem cells and cells from the important stromal vascular fraction.

Nanofat is not a soft tissue filler but rather offers regenerative benefits in three broad categories

  • Thin, dull, wrinkled, flaccid skin caused by age and sun damage as in the declotee and lip mucosal areas.
  • Pigmentary skin conditions such as dark circles below the eyes.
  • Scars and atrophic skin conditions.

Fat Transfers FAQs

  • What is a stem cell facelift and stem cell breast augmentation?

    Many tissues contain stem cells and fat contains cells known as adipose-derived stem cells that can be transferred during fat grafting. Stem cell procedures seem to describe treatments or techniques that claim to concentrate or manipulate stem cells in some way. This is a controversial subject and a position paper issued jointly by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery from 2011 stated, “While stem cell therapies have the potential to be beneficial for a variety of medical applications, a substantial body of clinical data to assess plastic surgery applications still needs to be collected.” The paper also states that, “The marketing and promotion of stem cell procedures in aesthetic surgery is not adequately supported by clinical evidence at this time.”

  • What is a Vampire Facelift®?

    The Vampire FaceLift® is a proprietary procedure, protected by a registered trademark, that utilizes hyaluronic acid fillers and platelet-rich plasma. Total Aesthetics ™ is pleased to offer facial procedures and hair stimulation with the Selphyl® Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) system of platelet-rich plasma.

  • What type of anesthesia is needed for fat grafting?

    The type of anesthesia used for fat grafting depends upon the volume of fat being transferred and sometimes the nature of a concomitantly performed procedure. At Total Aesthetics ™, we perform all three types of fat grafts with local anesthesia when possible and almost always use local anesthesia for nanofat grafting.

  • Can my hands be treated with fat grafting?

    Fat grafting is an excellent and well-accepted technique for correcting volume loss in the hand.

  • Can my labia and mons be improved with fat grafting?

    Deflated, flaccid labia majora and mons deflation can be addressed with fat grafting. This is usually an office-based procedure performed with local anesthesia.

  • Can dark circles under my eyes be treated with fat grafting?

    Fat transfer with Nanofat is one of the few procedures that can effectively treat dark circles below the eyes.

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