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Face Center for Plastic Surgery

Our faces determine how we appear to the world; it’s even been said that our eyes are the “mirror of the soul.” Today there are many techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, to rejuvenate the face and enhance or modify individual features. Dr. O’Connell believes that the role of aesthetic procedures is not just to reverse the signs of aging but to help reflect how we feel — the beauty of youth combined with the appearance of health and well-being. Because each face is unique and is affected differently by the aging process, at Plastic Surgery of Southern Connecticut each patient’s aesthetic appearance and goals are carefully reviewed and an individualized treatment plan is formulated to help achieve a refreshed, natural, balanced facial appearance through safe and effective aesthetic procedures. Dr. O’Connell’s preference is toward less-invasive approaches with the shortest possible recovery time. Dr. O’Connell performs the majority of facial procedures under local anesthesia, sometimes with sedation, in the privacy of our accredited and state licensed outpatient surgical facility.

Facial Procedure