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CoolSculpting® with the CoolMini™

Are you troubled by the dreaded double chin? If so, then CoolMini™ may be the solution for you. In 2015, the FDA cleared a new applicator, the CoolMini™ for the treatment of submental fullness due to fat – also known as the double chin. This is a continuation of the popular, patented CoolSculpting® technology from Allergan. The CoolMini’s size, shape, and curvature are specifically designed to treat small, problem areas of fat. As with other CoolSculpting® treatments, the procedure is completely non-invasive and patients may see results in as early as a few weeks with the greatest improvement noted about 3 months following treatment.

In the pivotal clinically trial upon which the FDA clearance was based, patients noted an average of 20% fat reduction in 1-2 treatments with no significant adverse events and with little to no discomfort or downtime.

Total Aesthetics ™ is pleased to offer the new CoolMini™ as part of our CoolSculpting® program.

How does the CoolMini® work?

Like other CoolSculpting® procedures, the CoolMini™ works by a process known as cryolipolysis® – the selective freezing and subsequent elimination of unwanted fat cells from the body. Long-lasting or permanent results are anticipated because the treated fat cells are gone for good.

Am I a candidate for the CoolMini™?

As with all medical procedures, it’s important for your physician to carefully review your medical and surgical histories and closely examine your face and neck prior to treatment. The neck and face are one of the most complex areas of the body and that’s why we feel that a board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. O’Connell, is the most qualified type of doctor to evaluate and treat this area.

Dr. O’Connell is personally involved in the evaluation and treatment of each and every CoolSculpting® patient. There are no “technicians” and all the available options will be reviewed with you along with their risks, potential side-effects, costs and anticipated recovery times prior to proceeding with any treatment.

AtTotal Aesthetics ™ we’re not limited to just one or two treatment options – we can offer you the full spectrum of choices for management of submental fullness.

How long does it take to see the results with the CoolMini™?

Like other areas treated with CoolSculpting®, some patients note improvement in just a few weeks. The complete result is usually noted approximately 3 months following treatment.

CoolMini™ FAQs

  • How does CoolMini™ compare with Kybella®?

    Both Kybella® and the CoolMini™ can be used to treat submental fullness as a result of fat – that troubling double chin. Both products have been released in 2015 and at Total Aesthetics ™ we were fortunate to have been granted early access to both techniques to better serve our patients in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut. We believe that there is a role for both procedures, and also for liposuction, in treating submental fullness and that factors such as variations in anatomy and desired recovery times will influence our patients’ preference.

  • What other options are available to treat submental fullness?

    While liposuction and surgical procedures such as neck and facelifting have been the gold standard for managing submental fat, the recent release of the CoolMini™ and Kybella® have given us two new and exciting, non-invasive alternatives for contouring of this area. Because plastic surgeons can offer all these procedures, we recommend consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery prior to treatment of submental fullness.

  • Can the CoolMini™ be used in other areas of the body?

    Like many treatments, the CoolMini from Allergan has an FDA clearance for use in a specific area of the body. Treatments of other areas of problematic, localized fat, such as the knees and underarm areas, is permitted through off-label use.

Our dedicated team of nurses and administrative personnel strive to make your visit an exceptional experience.

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