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Breast Revision

No procedure in aesthetic surgery is intended to maintain its full benefit for life, and unfortunately, unintended outcomes sometimes occur. Because a woman’s breasts change over time and because implants are often utilized, this is especially true for surgery of the breast. As a general rule secondary, revisional, or “reoperative” aesthetic surgery is technically more difficult because of preexisting scar tissue, compromised blood supply and other factors.

A complete copy of all prior medical records is usually not required; however, it is extremely helpful to bring along copies of the surgical notes (or “Operative Report”) from your prior procedure(s), including any photographs, both preoperative and otherwise, to your consultation. These can usually be obtained from your prior surgeon or the facility where the procedure was performed. Specific information about prior implants, including the wallet card containing volume and style information, is also important.

As a highly experienced board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. O’Connell has performed many secondary procedures and he looks forward to the challenges that accompany these often-difficult problems. We will work hard to help you achieve your unique aesthetic goals through a safe and cost-effective, problem-focused approach.