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Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction of a woman’s breast following mastectomy is one of the most gratifying procedures in plastic surgery for both patient and doctor alike. Part of Dr. O’Connell’s training was spent at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where he participated in expander-implant breast reconstruction while the technique was still in its early years. Today, we are pleased to offer implant-based reconstruction including utilization of tissue expanders and acellular dermal matrices (ADM). In addition, we are pleased to offer nipple-areolar reconstruction in the convenience of our office surgical facility – in most cases without the need for sedation or general anesthesia.

Breast Reconstruction FAQs

  • What should a woman do if she is diagnosed with breast cancer?

    We believe that it is important to obtain plastic surgical consultation early in the treatment planning and, because there are many techniques for breast reconstruction, it is often beneficial to obtain more than one opinion.


  • What is an ADM?

    Acellular dermal matrices are products with great utility in plastic surgery, particularly in soft tissue reinforcement or replacement during surgery of the breast. One of the earliest ADM’s to obtain popularity is the AlloDerm® regenerative tissue matrix from the LifeCell Corporation.

  • What about nipple-areola reconstruction?

    We are pleased to offer nipple reconstruction as an outpatient procedure in our licensed office-based surgical facility. In most cases nipple reconstruction is performed under local anesthesia without need for sedation or general anesthesia. Areolar reconstruction is performed via tattoo.

  • What about the other breast?

    Symmetry is a goal in all breast surgery, including breast reconstruction. In many cases the opposite breast that is not involved in breast cancer is modified to better match the newly reconstructed breast. These “contralateral symmetrizing” procedures may include breast lifting (mastopexy), breast reduction and breast augmentation.

  • Is fat grafting used in breast reconstruction?

    AtTotal Aesthetics ™, we have the capability to perform fat grafting to the breast sometimes utilizing only local anesthesia.

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