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Sculptra® Aesthetic

Dr. O’Connell is fond of saying, “As we age it’s not just about gravity — it’s also about volume!” Sculptra® Aesthetic is a facial injectable made from poly-L-lactic acid. As it gradually induces replacement of lost collagen a look of fullness returns producing a more youthful appearance. We believe that Sculpltra’s unique strength is its ability to restore volume and contour to the face. Multiple treatments are necessary and results last about two years or longer.

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® Aesthetic is made from poly-L-lactic acid. This is a bio-compatible, biodegradable, synthetic material that has been in use for many years.

Sculptra® Aesthetic FAQ

  • How does Sculptra® work?

    As we age the skin thins and collagen is lost. Sculptra® Aesthetic is injected beneath the skin to stimulate growth of collagen. The reinforced collagen structure that is created gradually restores fullness to the treated area.

  • How many Sculptra® treatments are needed?

    While the number of treatment sessions and number of injections per session vary, on average three injection sessions are needed over a period of a few months.

  • How long does Sculptra® last?

    The correction from Sculptra® Aesthetic can last more than two years.

  • Where in the face is Sculptra® used?

    While Sculptra® Aesthetic has FDA approval for correction of facial contour deficiencies as well as nasolabial folds and other facial wrinkles, it is best known for its use in volume deficient areas such as the cheeks, temples, and other areas of the face.

  • What are Sculptra® side effects?

    All aesthetic procedures carry risk and side effects can occur. Typical side effects include injection site pain, redness, bruising, bleeding, and swelling. Bumps, both visible and non-visible, under the skin have also been reported.