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Skin Tightening With CoolSculpting®

Posted February 03, 2017 in CoolSculpting®, Non-Surgical Procedures, Skin Tightening

According to a report in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, cryolypolysis (CoolSculpting® from Zeltiq Aesthetics) can provide significant skin tightening in the abdomen, flank, and buttock areas. In the article, written by USC Clinical Professor Dr. Grant Stevens, two patients were presented.

In addition to the anticipated fat reduction, skin tightening in the treatment areas was observed with improvement of skin folds. With more than 8000 treatment cycles delivered, Dr. Stevens estimated the improvement in skin appearance following CoolSculpting® at 25% of patients treated.

At present, it is unknown how predictable the skin-tightening results are, although the improvement may be independent of age or treatment area. Dr. Stevens has given the name “cryodermadostringo” to skin tightening from cryolypolysis.

A research study is currently underway to further study and measure skin tightening following CoolSculpting®. Based on our two-year experience with CoolSculpting® for women and for men, we would agree with Dr. Stevens’ preliminary findings.

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