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Aesthetic Center Now Offers PicoWay Laser Treatments

Posted February 01, 2017 in Laser Treatments, Non-Surgical Procedures, Tattoo Removal

The Aesthetic Center is proud to become the first facility in Connecticut to offer the new PicoWay laser from Syneron-Candela®. This is an exciting breakthrough in laser technology for both tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. With its unique triple-wavelength technology, PicoWay is actually three lasers in one, and its ultra-short picosecond pulses allow removal of most tattoo ink colors for all skin types. This novel technology also allows us to treat pigmented lesions as well as to provide a unique type of skin rejuvenation with essentially no downtime. PicoWay is available in our Westport, Connecticut office.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation to find out if PicoWay laser treatments are right for you. Call us at 203.454.0044 or fill out our online contact form.